Private Health Services Regulatory Council

Ministry of Health

What is PHSRC?

Private Health Regulatory Council (PHSRC) is a Council established to exercise, perform and discharge its powers, duties and functions under the Private Medical Institutions (Registration) Act No 21 of 2006 which is certified on 14th July 2006 by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
PHSRC is aimed at the development and monitoring of standards to be maintained by the registered Private Medical Institutions and acts as a method of evaluation of standards maintained by such Private Medical Institutions. It further aimed at achieving the objectives to ensure the minimum qualifications for recruitment and minimum standards of training of personnel are adopted by all Private medical Institutions and to ensure the quality of patient care services rendered or provided by such Private Medical Institutions.
The Council shall exercise, perform and discharge the following powers, duties and functions in the formulation of quality assurance programmes for patient care in Private Medical Institutions and monitoring of the same and the maintenance of minimum standards for recruitment of all staff engaged or employed in such Private Medical Institutions. It is responsible for the collection and publication of relevant health information and statistics and the implementation of a method of grading according to the facilities offered by the respective Private Medical Institutions. Additionally, it has a responsibility of performing any other functions as may be necessary to achieve its objectives.

What is PMI Regis Act?

An Act to provide registration, regulation, monitoring, and inspection of Private Medical Institutions to foster the development of Private Medical Institutions and to provide for matters connected to therewith or incidental thereto.



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