Private Health Services Regulatory Council

Ministry of Health


1. Fever in pregnancy and postpartum period

2. Revised guidelines on clinical management and labratory investigation of patients with seasonal influenza virus infection

3. Request for issue of Oseltamivir capsules on Named Patient Basis.

4. Guidelines on malaria chemotheraphy and management of patients with malaria.

5. Conducting post mortem examination on maternal deaths.

6. Performance of duties in the post of Inquirer (into sudden deaths).

7. Prescribing and issuing of Morphine for Cancer pain Management.

8. Guidelines on Pregnant Mothers Leaving Against Medical Advice.

9. Promation of Branded Milk Power within Health Institution and to the staff of the ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition.

10. Lactation Management Centres (LMC).

11. Summary Guidelines for clinical management of patients with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) infection.

12. Provion of EQA to private sector hospitals performing AFB microscopy.

13. Surveillance of Cancers in Sri Lanka - Obtaining Cancer incidence data through pivate sector pathology laboratories.

14. Surveillance of Cancers in Sril Lanka - Provision of Comprehensive Cencer Incidence Data.

15. Revised notification and Investingtion System for Adverse Events Following Cintraceptive Usage,Contraceptive Failures and Suspected Quality Failures of Contraceptive Commodities.

16. Guidelines on Management of Dendue Fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever.

17. Influenza A&B virus infection including H1N1 in pregnancy.Management guidelines for clinicians and healthcare providers.

18. Family-Planning-Services-In-Curative-Institutions-1.

19. Family-Planning-Services-In-Curative-Institutions-2.

20. Consumer Affairs Authority ACT, NS1 Antigen Test for Dengue and Full Blood Count (FBC) Test

21 stamp  Duty Act 12 of 2006




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